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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A Little Bird Told Me

Its hard to find material when the subject of your blog is about a survey. Here's a topic: how does one best advertise a blog?

I think most blogs become famous because they are updated frequently and have high quality material. However, is there something more you can do to give your blog more visibility? Here's a few things we did:
  1. Added our blog to feedster, technorati and various other listing sites
  2. Asked people to link our blog from their blog; this was done via:
    1. email
    2. irc-channels devoted to bloggers
    3. blogging forums
  3. Created a blogroll containing some high-profile bloggers, in the hopes that they'd stumble upon our own blog
  4. Posted our blog link on monkeyfilter (albeit, this was a partial failure *blush*)
  5. Added trackback
Any other suggestions? BTW, we still need more Chinese, Japanese and Korean bloggers to fill our survey. Show us some Asian pride.


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