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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Sending International Email

Its always great to get email from bloggers about what they think of our survey.

moondial told me:
In that case it would be best to write this message in Japanese with its subject line also in Japanese; most of the virus protection software settings over here throws away messages only in single-byte alpha-numerals. Likewise, many blogs do not accept alpha-numerals only comments, as many are sent in by spammers.
I have a nagging fear that all the emails I've been sending to Asian language speakers have been forwarded to /dev/null due to spam filters. Egads! All that wasted effort. Also, what encoding do I use for emails? I've always loved utf-8 for its uniformity, but perhaps not all mail readers support it.

As I mentioned before, blogging != diary:
I myself consider blogging tool set to be a handy contents management system rather than a journaling medium, and consequently my entries are more or less a collection of little essays each focusing on a particular topic. And therefore my, weblog has a considerably small readership.
I think blogging is also attractive because of its slightly voyeuristic angle. Its what drives intelligent people to watch stupid people do stupid things on (reality) television. But, I think blogging is set apart in that mundane events are common. Mundane to them, but nevertheless comforting to know that someone else out there has nothing to do on a Friday night.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Re: language encoding, basically it is ISO-2022-JP which is used for e-mail exchange in the Japanese language. Please refer to the Requests For Comments (RFC) #1468, 1554, 2045-2048 and 2237 (at I am no expert on all these tech-oriented topics; hope someone more knowledgeable can help you about this.

moondial (commenting as anonymous; no Blogger account)

10:54 PM  
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